I know madden records voices of players throughout the entire year

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1. יש לפרסם פוסט במקום המיועד לו ובפורום המתאים.
2. יש לשמור על שפת שיח ראויה לרבות הפירוט הבא - אין לקלל, לגדף, להטריד או להעליב חברים בפורום.
3. אנו לא פלטפורמת שיווק ולכן אין לפרסם או לשווק שום מוצר/שירות/אחר ללא אישור מפורש מצוות הניהול.
4. הבנת הנקרא - בכל פרסום נושא חדש יש להקפיד על כותרת שתתאים לתוכן הנושא.
5. זכויות יוצרים - אין לפרסם או לבקש לינקים/קובצי הרחבות העוסקים בשידורי ספורט ותכנים המפרים זכויות יוצרים בישראל - בכל ספק יש לפנות לאחראי הקבוצה בטרם פרסום.
6. למען כולנו - תגיבו בצורה עיניינית ומקיפה ככל הניתן. אם יש בעיה ציינו את הבעיה, את סוג המכשיר וכו
7. אין לדבר על שידורי ספורט או לבקש לינקים שמשדרים ספורט.

לדיווח על על פוסט המפר זכויות יוצרים/פוגעני או כל דבר אחר יש לשלוח הודעה פרטית לבעלי הפורום : katsinmod
העובר על חוקים אלו עלול לקבל אזהרה ואף עלול להיות מורחק מהפורום באופן מיידי.
קודיסט מתחיל (טוראי)
קודיסט מתחיל (טוראי)
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I know madden records voices of players throughout the entire year

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The first thing I did was start a franchise (season mode) with the active roster without any injuries. It felt so great to see the current team in full strength, ready to play through a season winning the branch, a Lock MVP, along with a Madden 21 coins Super Bowl run. I'm excited to begin, so step one is the weekly instruction before the first preseason game. I load in and begin my exercises and that is when it happens...

As he is crying out pre-snap calls, his voice isn't his own, but a generic celebrity's voice and it is awful. It's so annoying and causes me to cringe. I really don't care about any of those additional features from the game. Maybe I'm weird, but the only reason why I play madden is to feign my team goes on a super bowl run and play with the Broncos. Drew Lock is the heart of this team and the future. This is honesty making my experience unplayable.

I know madden records voices of players throughout the entire year and he may have just had 5 starts last season, but how is this how they could do? I have even heard generic voices in previous madden games sound better than that. Has anybody else experienced this? I will probably alter his voice in the configurations so I'm likely up in arms for no reason. But I also thought this sub would get a kick out of my own frustration.

It's mainly just the elite or top men. Much better than providing EA $60 for Madden 21. You put all this effort into this post and we can't even get a sound bite? C'mon man! Good point. Okay I simply added a clip into the article. They simply care about superstars as well as the Cowboys. He will need to find a couple commercials or something before they even realize his presence.

My review of Franchise in Madden21

I just bought Madden 21 last week, I mainly play 2k however I always get the itch to play with Madden during the NFL season.

(Face of the Franchise) I enjoy how they intergrated your Yard player in your franchise player it makes you feel like you have one player in the realm of Madden. I started enjoying Face of the Franchise and after a hour I had to stop because it was so corny. Who were they making this story for? Do they think people who like soap operas play Madden it is buy mut coins madden 21 something my girlfriend could put into who knows NOTHING about football, but anybody who watches the sport...I don't even have to explain the ridiculous premise. What's so hard about letting u play Highschool and college and based on your operation it dictates where you go to college and get drafted? Like I do I must shed my starting QB job to someone who has heart cancer and we go to the identical school like WTF?

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